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Of great importance is the quality aromatherapy essential oils. It is determined by the quality of efficacy, safety and breadth of application of natural essential oils “Aromas Gloris”.

Aromatherapy properties are only natural essential oil – a precious part efironosnyh plants. The cost of natural essential oils is determined by their quality: the percentage of aromatics plants, the value and rarity of aromatic raw materials, depending on the crop, place of growth and methods of collection; the technology and method of storage. High-quality oil – an expensive product.

The increasing need for food, cosmetic and fragrance industry in aromatic substances and the high price of natural essential oils have led to the production of non-natural (naturalized) essential oils. Thus it appeared synthetic (artificial fragrances which imitate the qualitative and quantitative composition), and synthetic analogs of essential oils (natural and synthetic compositions of essential oils mimicking odor, not composition).

Another obstacle to the development of modern aromatherapy was the saturation of the market adulterated essential oils, when the composition of natural essential oil changes due to the mixing of various additives to it. It uses mineral and vegetable oils, refined kerosene fraction and organic synthesis.

Problem skin: essential quality maselPrimenenie such fakes in aromatherapy is very dangerous! These oils not only have no medicinal properties, but even capable of causing harm to the body because of their content of toxic components. For example, the use of essential oils of coniferous plants, adulterated with turpentine, can lead to skin cancer.

Quality natural essential oil

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Determined by several factors:

the possibility of its use in aromatherapy;
ability to give constant results in the application;
resistant chemical composition irrespective of their origin.
Determination of the quality of natural essential oils includes comparing organoleptic, chemical analysis and, if necessary, data microbiological standards and specifications that are set by state standardization bodies.

quality Criteria

Essential oils of plants – transparent, uniform and have a smooth, voluminous flavor, as part of which all the components are balanced and neither one of them is not “sticks”. After complete evaporation (within 2-3 hours), drops from the surface of the paper of natural essential oils, it may remain on the colored trail (depending on efironosa) but greasy stains should not be!

When viewed in a few hours for the change in the natural essential oil fragrance in the nature of smell has always captured the emergence of new shades and continuous transition components “in a circle.” How many times have you smell this oil. many will go into the different levels of its flavor.

If you smelled oil and smell of one or two components – beware – most likely a product of aromasinteza, which can not be used for aromatherapy!

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